The Cokey Monster - Unisex T-shirt


My Drinking Club - Unisex T-Shirt

I am not an Alcoholic - Unisex T-Shirt

Weed - Warhol Popart Style

If found return to pub

I lost 7 kilos...

I say no to drugs...

If I'm not wasted - the Day is

Beer - the only reason...

You look like...

I ate all the Pies

Salad Dodger

Beerdrinking - choose beer

I Beat Anorexia

I'm not Drunk, I'm still Drinking

Plant Manager

Rehab is For Quitters

Half empty or half full

Human Dustbin


Never trust a skinny chef!

Fat Men are Harder to Kidnap

You're pretty when I'm Drunk

Designated Drinker