Penis (Poke out of trousers) - Unisex T-shirt

Vagitarian - I only eat Vag!

He loves the cock

Tourettes...the best a man

Bring Back Hairy Pussies

Have you seen Mike Hunt?

Guns don't kill people...

Me - Your Mum

My Other Ride is your Mum!

My other ride is your Nan!

Just because I'm disabled...

Warning - Your Sister...

Bukkake ruined my curtains

I love to Fuck

You Tool

I dont need sex

Giver her the old ...

Mr Right

To do list

Dead Wife - Dishes

I smoke - F*ckin deal with it

Harold Shipman killed my Nan

Don't Piss Me Off

Clench all you want...

Phonetic Alphabet - F*ck Off